In our college as soon as we hand in our finals we all start refreshing our phones and computers hoping to see our grade come in. Yes, we expect everything to happen instantly and the word patience does not exist in our vocabulary. Within 24 hours we start bitching and moaning that it's taking the professors too long to grade 160 finals. Since we haven't yet gotten to the point where computers grade exams in our college (God we are SO old school). The wait was excruciating long; finally that moment I had been waiting for came, my phone buzzed, reluctantly and excitedly I opened the text and saw my grade, a zero, followed by a big FAIL in red. They actually spelled out the word "zero" instead of just writing the digit, almost like they had intended to rub it in even more. Impossible! It couldn't be! Within an hour I was already planning my revolution, I was getting ready to sue the school for misplacing my exam, for thinking I cheated, for all sorts of reasons. I already spoke to my class mates, I had their support. Two hours later I received an email, apologizing for the grade it had been a typo, and they had to wait to fix it till the hard copy came in. Hard copy!? What's that?