Twitter Problems...

Found a great quote... too long to share on Twitter. #fail

When You're Not Around

So this is how all those cat memes got on the internet.


Oh the irony....

Too Many Apple Products

It's great that the iPhone is technically an iPod as well but the problem is my iPhone battery can't get me through the day on texts and calls alone! So now I'm forced to walk around with an iPhone AND an iPod! Apple how about instead of coming out with like the 9th generation iPhone, maybe improve battery life a bit?!


I hate waiting for things to load!

It just never seems to be worth my time.

Facebook Pages App

I got Facebook's page manager app so I can work from my phone on the go. The internet works just fine for all other apps even Facebook but whenever I open this app it says there is no data connection. Perhaps its time to quit, my phone doesn't like me working for you.


I'm reading something online when my phone notification goes off and its like those dogs in Pixar's "UP" my brain just goes "SQUIRREL!" drop everything that you're doing someone is trying to contact you! Low and behold it was subway surfer letting me know there is some promotion going on. Now... what was I doing?

New Technology

Now wouldn't that be just terrifying?

Dead Battery

My watch battery died this morning, I debated not wearing it  because frankly it is displaying the wrong time, but at the same time I couldn't leave it at home. Would you leave your arm at home? Felt like an idiot wearing a broken watch... oh the things we do for love.


You know what pisses me off? That the person I'm texting can't tell I'm being sarcastic. Stop coming out with new smart phones and start solving the real problem at hand, I think you're a moron.